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About us

In the small company sector, I can guarantee that we are far better value than most of our competition.

Our Prices are fixed in advance

We are not like solicitors, we don’t start the clock running as soon as you enter the room. We think it’s better for our clients, and far better for us, if everybody knows... HOW MUCH IT’S GOING TO COST... before any work is started.

Of course that doesn’t mean that our fees will stay the same forever. We review prices annually, depending on the client’s circumstances.

Our fees

Personal Service

Included in the price is as much ‘talk time’ as the client requires. We don’t believe in making the client feel privileged in getting the opportunity to talk to us... WE ENCOURAGE IT. We find that in general terms, questions asked early on can save problems later on. As we don’t have any big clients taking up our time, we regard each client as being equally important.

Because we’ve won some awards...

In this day and age...who hasn’t?? but anyway my marketing advisors say I should tell people about it so, here goes:

  • Acquisition International Magazine Small Business Accountancy Firm Of The Year 2014 for Middlesex
  • International Finance Magazine  Recognised Leader In Small Business Accountancy 2014 for Middlesex

Because I’ve written a book!

Yes indeed and I do feel that this is something to shout about. My book is called ‘UP is where we go from here’ and is, I quote, ‘The essential survival guide for the small and growing business’.

It is available from Amazon for about 8 quid...or FREE if you contact me directly at Robert@bradburystell.co.uk.

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